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                                    Ormonde Jayne Rose Gold Parfum Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Sicilian lime, orange...
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                                    Ormonde Jayne Rose Gold Parfum

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Sicilian lime, orange blossom absolute, bergamot, clary sage
  • Heart Notes: Ta’if absolute, carnation absolute, jasmine absolute, orchids, water lily
  • Base Notes: Oudh absolute, sandalwood absolute, labdanum resinoid, ambrette absolute, schinus molle

Fragrance Family:

  • Oriental,Floral


Created in 2016 as the second installation of the Gold Trilogy, Rose Gold is an assertive rose perfume, quite bracing. Rose gold will stand out in any gathering and, quite literally, embrace life to its full.
It is an opening with lots of exciting movement, a dazzling array of herbs, flowers, and citruses jostling each other for position. It is tenacious and whoever you dance with or lay next to almost certainly will be smelling of Rose Gold in the morning, so a word of caution: beware of dangerous liaisons. A mere spray in the right place will suffice. It’s both ravishing and sumptuous, transforming you from ordinary to extraordinary.
Rose Gold is a complex, nuanced scent, but it never loses focus. The Ta’if rose retains its commanding position in the perfume’s structure, gilding every other note with its spicy, rosy sparkle. Bolstered and intensified with the perfect oriental elements: Carnation Absolute, Ambrette Absolute, Schinus Molle, Labdanum, Sandalwood and Oudh Absolute, all in their most premium forms.
Put it on, and, despite its almost bewildering complexity, you will instantly grasp that you’re in the presence of true beauty.

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