5 Best Perfume Men Should Wear On A First Date
best men’s perfume for date


The first date is a big deal. It's the first time you get to see someone outside of your social circles and get to know them. So, it's important to make a good impression, and smelling great is a part of that.


A recent study revealed that people have an instant subconscious reaction to smells, and that can affect how people judge us. The study found that women are more likely to be attracted to men who wear musky scents. First dates are nerve-wracking, but with the right perfume, you are bound to make a solid first impression. Ahead, we’ve listed down the five best perfumes for men that smell divine.

gucci guilty perfume for men

Gucci Guilty
The richness and complexity of this scent will make
your loved one go weak in the knees. Gucci Guilty is
woven with moderate sweetness, wood, and spices to
accentuate the virtues of masculinity. The scent begins
with Lavender and Lemon and ends with the smell of
Orange. Root tones are supported by Woody Cedar
and Patchouli Accords. This long-lasting perfume is
just what you need to leave behind a long-lasting
impression on a first date.

jaguar classic perfume for men

Jaguar Classic Chromite
Jaguar Classic Chromite Eau de Toilette has an
incredible aroma of Oriental Fougöre. This Jaguar
classic perfume has an expressive masculine
fragrance that perfectly combines novelty and
exoticism. The top notes of tangerines, green apples,
and fresh oranges are inspirational. The mind reveals
the fascinating aromas of Cardamom, Dark Tea,
Nutmeg, And Geranium-balanced by the new marine
accord. The base note expands the fascinating side
with the exotic power of sandalwood and Sugi, Vetiver,
and Musk. This long-lasting perfume is perfect for an
evening beach date.

versace eros perfume for men

Versace Eros
The first impression is your last impression; if you start
your date with the blessings of the Greek god of love
(Eros), you're setting yourself up for success (where
matters of the heart are concerned). The scent is a very
attractive blend of Apple, Mint Oil, Lemon, Tonka, and
Geranium. Versace Eros is fresh, spicy, and woody, but
also very delicate. One of the best long-lasting
perfumes for men, this one's enough to make her sit
and notice! Love, passion, beauty, and desire: these are
the keynotes of Versace's Eros fragrance. The
perfection of the male body is fused with a tribute to
Greek mythology and classical sculpture, which has
always defined the world of Versace.

boss scent perfume for men

Boss The Scent
The alluring Eau de Toilette for Men by HUGO BOSS is
called BOSS THE SCENT. An enticing scent that seizes
the attention and leaves a lasting impression. Exclusive
to BOSS THE SCENT is the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit,
whose intricate features resemble both Rhum And
Passion Fruit. Its strong, unique, and never-to-be-
forgotten impact is supported by a virile leather
foundation, making it one of the best long-lasting
perfumes for men. Maninka Fruit and Lavender are the
top notes. Leather is the mid-note. Ground Notes:

yves saint perfume for men

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum for Men
Yves Saint Laurent  Y Eau De Parfum won't win
hearts on its own, but its subtlety is its secret weapon.
A fresh, woody fragrance that leaves a contrasting,
magnetic, and sensual trail. A fresh and sparkling start.
An elegant and modern character with fruity and spicy
notes. It's a great safe pick for any gentleman who
wishes to stay modest and not off-putting because it
lacks any particularly overt or overbearing fragrances.

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