Best Women's Fragrances of 2023 at Parcos Luxezine

The Best Women’s Perfumes Of 2023 

When it comes to women’s fragrances, one is definitely spoiled for choice. Some new, some old 2023’s list of best women’s perfumes saw customers reach out to classics, as well as experimented with newer fragrances that were a little off-beat and bold. If there’s one element that stood common for most choices, however, it would be the floral fragrance family. It isn’t surprising that the most popular selection for 2023 has spanned across different versions of the floral scent—the timeless floral, the fruity floral, the musky floral, the sensual floral, the past year saw it all. Evidently, we have a winner! Scroll down to see 15 of the best women’s fragrances of 2023—these are the perfumes you loved, cherished, and purchased multiple times, eventually making it to our best-selling list.

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum Intense

A quintessential floral fragrance that brings together timeless and contemporary notes, Libre Intense is sensuality packed in a bottle. The scent opens up to its top notes of lavender, mandarin orange and bergamot, all three of which bring a fresh floral burst to the start of the fragrance. At heart of the perfume lies its defining notes of jasmine sambac, orchid, lavender, and orange blossom intensify the floral essence of the fragrance. Finally, the base notes of ambergris, vetiver, vanilla, and tonka bean add warmth and depth to the scent, giving it that sensual twist and intense twist that lingers on all through the wear.

Giorgio Armani My Way EDP

A feminine fragrance that brings together different scents of the world, Armani’s My Way is a celebration of life, achievements, and aspirations. Inspiring one to broaden horizons, this fragrance truly represents how one would discover and live life by their own rules.
The white floral fragrance with hints of woodiness and earthiness opens up to top notes of bergamot and orange blossom—this brings a rather energetic and refreshing start to the fragrance. At the heart lies its white floral accord through middle notes of tuberose and jasmine that add that quintessential floral essence to the scent. Finally, base notes of cedarwood, vanilla, and musk, end the fragrance on a very warm and woody note, giving My Way the perfect sillage that’ll make heads turn daily. 

Armani My Way - Luxezine
Floral Fragrances - Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom Eau de Toilette

In full bloom, Gucci Bloom is that perfume that transports you to a garden full of flowers. A formal-wear white floral perfume, this romantic fragrance opens to its top notes—neroli, bergamot, mandarin orange, and lemon, all of which take over your senses in the first whiff. At the heart of the fragrance lies the true character of Gucci Bloom—a bouquet of white floral notes like tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, along with rangoon creeper. This intensifies the floral-ness of the fragrance. The fragrance eventually heads to its base notes of musk and sandalwood, which bring a woody, warm, and intense sillage to the floral scent. Gucci Bloom strikes a balance between femininity and power in the most harmonious way possible. 

Versace Bright Crystal EDT

As the name suggests, Versace Bright Crystal is a bright and vibrant fragrance that bursts energy from the first spritz. Part of the fruity fragrance family, this everyday perfume is sensual, feminine, and elegant. Opening up to its top notes of iced accord, pomegranate, and yuzu, it embraces and refreshes your senses from the get go. At the heart, lies its middle notes of lotus flower, magnolia, and peony, bringing that floral feminine touch to the scent. Eventually, the base notes of musk and amber settle in, leaving you with a warm and darker end to the fragrance—something that blends beautifully with the bright and energising top notes the fragrance greets you with initially. The bottle is reminiscent of a diamond and makes for the perfect shelf topper too!

Versace Bright Crystal - BEST WOMENS PERFUMES
Woody perfumes -Versace Dylan Turquoise Eau De Toilette Natural Spray - Parcos Luxezine

Versace Dylan Turquoise

A sensual floral fragrance, Dylan Turquoise is that light and fresh scent that makes for the perfect everyday go-to perfume. Top notes of lemon, mandarin, and pink pepper, open up the fragrance to an energetic vibe. Sweeter and fruitier accords come through with heart notes of blackcurrant and freesia guava, while buds absolute and jasmine petals bring that floral touch. Warmth and woodiness is brought into the fragrance through its intense notes of cedarwood, musk, and vibrant wood. Housed in the iconic Versace Dylan bottle, the gold emblem cap paired with the turquoise glass body, make this fragrance one of the shelves too. 

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Eau De Parfum - best womens perfume

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Eau De Parfum

An oriental fragrance that is best described by love, attraction, and temptation, Jean Paul Gaultier’s La Belle is sensuality packed in a bottle. It opens up to a sweet top note of green pear—giving the fragrance a sparkly and fruity start. Its heart note of bergamot intensifies the fruity accord with a hint of citrus burst. Finally, the base notes of vanilla pod, bring that almost sweet and warm touch to the entire fragrance. The scent is surely addictive, and adds that ultra-sexy vibe to a very feminine and delicate woman.

Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Shine 

 Bright and cheery, Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Shine breathes life into any dull, mundane day. The fruity floral fragrance is inspired by the period between winter and spring in Italy—the sun shining bright, alongside cool and chilly winds. A burst of grapefruit, mango, and quince embraces your senses, as these top notes kickstart the scent. At the heart, you’ll find white floral accords through middle notes of jasmine and orange blossom. In contrast, however, adding to that refreshing floral touch you’ll notice elements of salty accords also seeping through. This brings a refreshing touch to the scent. Base notes of blond wood and sandalwood add that deep and woody essence, while musk brings that animalistic touch to a dainty and elegant fragrance. 


Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau De Parfum

A take on the iconic Good Girl fragrance by Carolina Herrera, Very Good Girl is bold, beautiful, and enticing from the first spritz itself. Representing the two sides to every modern woman, the floral scent opens up to top notes of redcurrant and lychee—together, these two bring that fruity, sweet, and sour accord to the start of the perfume. Next, the heart notes of rose add that intense floral accord to the sweetness. Finally, the base notes of vetiver and vanilla essentially bring that earthy and sweet warmth, ensuring that the fragrance lingers on all through the night.

Si Passione Intense

A date night favourite for many, Si Passione packs an intense amount of love, romance, and well, you guessed it, passion. The woody fragrance hosts notes that embrace you the moment you wear it. Its top notes of blackcurrant bring that fruity and sweet essence to scent. At the heart of the fragrance, lies the iconic jasmine, which brings that white floral accord. The amalgamation of the two notes is common for both Si and Si Passione, however what sets them apart lies in the base notes. Bringing that intensity of passion, patchouli essence and vanilla bean make the once soft and delicate fragrance, fierce and zealous. The contrasting notes create this beautiful dance that comes through to an elegant yet powerful fragrance that is Si Passione Intense. 

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum For Women

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum For Women

Vintage floral is the perfect way to describe Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine. The quintessential white floral fragrance, this perfume opens up to an intense and energetic mandarin top note. At the heart lies jasmine and magnolia, both of which make for the soul of this fragrance. Finally, the base notes of sandalwood bring an earthy and woody touch to the fragrance—that paired with the white florals, gives Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine that timeless vintage and romantic accord. Housed in a very antique-looking turquoise bottle with gold accents, this one surely makes a great vanity shelf showpiece as well.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum 

The iconic stiletto perfume that houses one of the world’s best-selling scents, Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl needs no introduction. An oriental fragrance that kickstarted a series of different versions of the stiletto, Good Girl is the perfect blend of light and dark, good and bad. Meant for the woman who is feminine, yet bold and daring with her decisions, this fragrance is the epitome of the modern, contemporary woman. Opening up to top notes of almonds, Good Girl has a rather sweet and nutty start, which eventually leads to its floral heart. The middle notes of white florals such as tuberose and jasmine bring that timeless flowery accord to the scent. Its base notes of tonka bean and cocoa give this oriental fragrance a warm, sweet, and intense end—one that stays with you till the end.

CH Good Girl - Luxezine

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir

A floral with a musky twist, Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir is a sensual scent meant for the feminine woman that knows her worth and isn’t afraid to show it. Opening up to top notes of plum, the fragrance has a sweet and sour start. Eventually, at the heart lies the brand’s iconic heart of musc, a note signature to the brand. That blended with the middle note of heliotrope brings this earthy floral accord to the fragrance. Finally, the scent settles into its base notes of leather suede accords that make the scent deep and more three dimensional. In all, this fragrance is one that surely shouldn’t be missed. 

Dolce & Gabbana The One

A floral fragrance that is elegant, sophisticated, with a touch of glamour, Dolce & Gabbana The One seems to be ‘the one’ for many. Representing the contrasting roles and characters every woman plays in their life, this fragrance is a fusion of expected and unexpected notes that breathe life into the floral scent. At the top of the fragrance lies its notes of violet and bergamot, both of which add a vibrant and juicy start to the perfume. Eventually, its heart notes of coffee and iris bring a seductive, sensual, yet ultra feminine accord to the juiciness. Finally, the base notes of vanilla and patchouli add a sense of warmth and comfort to the overall essence of the perfume. Clearly, The One is a contrasting balance of notes that come together beautifully to create this elegant symphony. 


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum Intense

If intensity is what you’re looking for then Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Intense is definitely your vibe. The fragrance opens up to top notes of absinth and boysenberry, two ingredients that are bold and strong, and definitely not the usual. Intensifying the fragrance even further are its heart notes of coffee and jasmine—again, two contrasting elements that come together to form this sweet, bitter, and floral accord. Eventually, adding to the sweetness and warmth, base notes of licorice, sandalwood, and vanilla give the fragrance a whole lot of depth and character, making it addictive in more ways than one. It’s sensual, seductive, and is the perfect go-to for the evening. 

Boss Femme Eau De Parfum

A radiant, soft, and smooth fragrance, Boss Femme exudes femininity in all its facets. The fruity fragrance brings a sophisticated and contemporary touch to anyone who chooses to wear it. Representative of modern femininity, Boss Femme opens up to top notes of pink pepper, pear, sour cherry and peony, all of which bring a refreshing start to the scent. At the heart of the scent lies jasmine and orange blossom, adding a touch of floral to the scent too. Eventually, you’ll find the base notes of cashmere wood and suede taking over—this forms a beautiful amalgamation with the floral, fruity notes, tying this fragrance into a neat little package.


Which type of perfume is best for ladies?

When it comes to the best perfumes for ladies, the luxurious scents from Versace and Gucci are exceptional choices. For a touch of elegance and sophistication, we recommend trying the Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette. Its floral and fruity notes create a captivating fragrance that suits various occasions. Additionally, the Gucci Bloom Eau de Toilette is a wonderful option known for its rich floral bouquet, making it a perfect choice for women who appreciate timeless and vibrant scents. Explore these exquisite fragrances on Parcos.com for an unparalleled olfactory experience.

What is the best smell for a girl?

The best smell for a girl is subjective and depends on personal preferences, but a couple of universally adored fragrances are Carolina Herrera Good Girl and Armani My Way. Carolina Herrera Good Girl, with its unique blend of jasmine, tonka bean, and cocoa, embodies a sense of empowerment and allure. On the other hand, Armani My Way offers a delightful combination of orange blossom, tuberose, and vanilla, creating a fresh and sophisticated scent. Discover these captivating fragrances on Parcos.com to find the perfect olfactory match for the girl with discerning taste.

Which perfume lasts longer for ladies?

For a long-lasting fragrance experience, consider the enchanting scents of YSL Libre Eau de Parfum Intense and Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum. YSL Libre, with its blend of lavender, mandarin orange and bergamot, and musk, offers a captivating and enduring fragrance that lingers throughout the day. Gucci Bloom, featuring notes of jasmine, tuberose, and orris root, is known for its longevity and elegant floral aroma. Explore these enduring fragrances on Parcos.com to indulge in scents that leave a lasting impression.

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